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How to produce peanut candy in home?

Publish Tina On 2017-01-11

In the production of peanut candy ingredients including malt sugar, peanut, sugar, salad oil.
peanut candy
1. Choose the particle satiated, normal appearance, no mildew, no smell of peanut kernel, use clean water to wash away on the surface of the sediment.
2. Will wash good peanut out from the water, with a hole on the clean ferula or stainless steel board, drain the water.
3. The drain water peanut kernel on the pot, fry out fragrance, can stop heating. In the process of making peanut don't Fried coke. Also can put peanut in baking in the oven.
4. Caramel and sugar in the pan, use medium heat to boil first, and stir constantly, prevent anxious burnt. After the syrup boils, switch to slow fire, and join the salad oil, continue heating boiling. When there is a lot of sugar slurry surface bubbles, with a pair of chopsticks to pick out the syrup, view, when syrup can draw wire, broken after cooling are fragile, can stop heating.
5. Put cooked peanut in cook good high temperature in syrup, and quickly took mix well.
6. In a big box at the bottom of the rectangle stainless steel and the walls covered with a high temperature resistant food-grade plastic, pour on the step of mixed peanut brittle materials in this big box, shop with a scraper, well, a little cool but not harden, with a knife cut into same size small peanut candy.
7. Such as peanut candy cold to harden, not adhesion, then packed in plastic bags, sealed in a timely manner.

As peanut candy supplier, this method is of low efficiency and less production, and need a lot of manpower. peanut brittle bar production line can solve the question, no need too much manpower,can produce large of peanut candy.

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