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Wafer biscuit production line for sell

Publish Tina On 2017-01-09

Wafer biscuit production line can produce various types of high quality biscuit, such as cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit, soda cracker biscuit, animal biscuit, vegetable biscuit etc, and bake the wafer biscuit surface color and luster is uniform, the finished wafer cream evenly daub.

The whole wafer biscuit production  line including tunnel baking ovens, splicing machine, cooling machine, general cake, cream coating machine, vertical freezers, conveyor and cutting machine.

The whole line have unique energy-saving design, low energy, can greatly reduce environmental pollution.

It is fully automated,can save manpower.and can independent operation equipment, and simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Wafer biscuit production line is according to our country the actual situation of biscuit manufacturing, digestion, absorption, the number of the most famous foreign wafer cake production line design and manufacturing. Furnace design is unique, with gas control system, PLC control, operation panel intuitive and easy manipulation. Reliable performance, stable operation, long service life. All electrical machinery, equipment, PLC control, bearing all use well-known brands at home and abroad.

It adopting hearing-medium conduction technology with heating oil as medium,the plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad.If offers an ideal solution for lower power consumption and overall production  cost,and keeping the same surface color for all biscuits.

wafer biscuit production line

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