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Baking industry is developing rapidly

Publish Tina On 2017-01-06

Baked goods in grain and oil, sugar, eggs and other materials for, adding proper amount of auxiliary materials, flavoring and molding, baking and other processes of flavors, nutritious food. Our country has a long history of baking and all kinds of baked goods north and south flavor. Thanks to strong domestic demand, bakery products presents the baking industry in China the good situation of healthy, rapid and sustainable development.

Industry scale expands unceasingly, the enterprise has developed rapidly, on the premise of food raw materials rise in price, still keep the rapid increase of economies of scale. Baked goods in recent years, China's annual sales growth rate remained above 10%, and its growth rate is far more than the average speed of food industry, bakery food has entered the rapid growth of our country.

With China's policies from the economic growth is leaning to the livelihood of the people, the Chinese consumer's consumption ability and consumption level enhances unceasingly. After the eighteenth big, is about to begin a new round of urbanization wave will push the fast-moving consumer goods market scale of is given priority to with food continuously expand and upgrade, so as to effectively promote the rapid development of baking industry.

Predictably, the baking industry as a major food industry higher-end industrial cluster, in the next few decades will present a high-speed development momentum.

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