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How to make waffle cone?

Publish Tina On 2017-01-03

Ice cream is a kind of irresistible delicious frozen dairy products. Nearly 800 years ago, ice cream originated from China.
Make ice cream is easy. Ice cream cone is a very important part. Do you know how to make ice cream cone?
cream cone

Make ice cream need eight steps:
1, prepare the material. Flour, egg white, sugar, butter    
2, and beat the egg white, stir in sugar evenly.
3, then stir in cream evenly, add strong flour mix.
4, stir well to no particles.
5, the cone die after a small fire in the two sides on the fire heat, pour the batter each use a bit in the middle of the mold.
6, close the cover and saw the edge steam, open the mold to observe color.
7, the two sides turn bake pale yellow. I took this picture a bit deep color, the color light is soft, deep to brittle.
8, the finished product.

Artificial do ice cream cone also has some disadvantages, complex process,The number of ice cream cone less, for example , some ice cream cone supplier need a lot of ice cream cone every day, make artificially ice cream cone is not a good method.

Generally, Ice cream supplier produce ice cream cone by cream cone machine. 

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