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Dry Method to Peel Peanut Red Coat

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-27

Peanuts are one of our most common crops, we recover the peanuts from the field while the peanut shell need to deal with, so that we can eat its fruit, and then is the removal of the skin of peanut, peeling peanut skin is more difficult than shelling peanuts shell, if you use the same method to remove the peanuts red coat, and also to ensure the integrity of peanuts, I think you are using the wrong way.

peanut peeling machine

The peanut fruit after stored for a period of time, making the most of the peanuts have become very dry, then if we put it directly into a common peeling machine will certainly increase the damage rate of peanuts, so in order to achieve a good peeling effect, you can try to use the professional dry peanut peeling machine to remove its skin. The effect must be ordinary peeling machine can not compare.

The peeling machine is the specialized equipment to dry red skin of peanuts,adopt the rolling friction peeling method to peel peanut red coated. This model has the advantages of reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, high production efficiency, low half grain rate, high whole kernel rate and good quality, etc. And can be used in many combinations.Peeling machine can be combined to complete the feeding, peeling, skin suction, sorting, cleaning, packaging and conveying, peeling quality to export standards. 

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