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Titanic survivor 20 thousand euros biscuit

Publish sherry On 2016-12-24

After the Titanic sank in more than and 100 years, the legend continues. This sensation is a piece of survived at the time of the accident in the biscuit.
According to the French "view" magazine reported on October 29th, this piece of 103 year old biscuits on Saturday in London to shoot a euro of $21000, became the world's most expensive biscuits.
biscuitAfter the Titanic crash in April 1912, the Carpathia lifeboat arrived on the scene with 705 survivors. The biscuit was distributed to the name of James Finn Vic passengers on board, he put the cookies into the envelope carefully preserved. After the transfer of generations, the biscuit was intact, but its owner has died.
This small Spillers & Bakers cookie has 103 years of history, it was auctioned in London on Saturday, a Greek collector for 15034 pounds (21000 euros, more than 140 thousand yuan) of the price to buy it. 
Expensive price is not the price of the biscuit itself, it is the historical meaning and value of biscuit bearing.
Ordinary cookies also have their own value, maybe it made by mother’s hand, maybe is your best friend sent it to you, for the worker who produced the biscuit machine, every biscuits made from the machine is a symbol of his success.
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