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What is the present situation of food packaging?

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-24

In recent years, with the development of commodity modernization, food packaging industry has also promoted the development and progress. In the supermarket, the mall every kind of goods makes us dazzling, dizzying, these are thanks to our food packaging machine, packaging is also an art, so that our world has become rich and colorful.

biscuit packing machine

In the last several years, packaging machinery towards high-end transformation has gradually revealed its strong momentum of development, equipment automation, intelligent degree will be greatly improved. In the past 5 years, China's annual food and packaging machinery industry development with the average growth rate of 11% to 12%, with the improvement of living standards, increasing demand for food, must have higher demands and greater demand for food packaging.

Packaging machinery industry development prospects are very optimistic, but only continue to achieve innovation breakthroughs in order to keep up with changes in demand, grasp the initiative of the market, to promote the industry towards high-end, intelligent direction.

Therefore, in the current period of favorable policies, the domestic packaging machinery to actively carry out the transformation and upgrading, to enter the field of automatic packaging line of high-end professional and intelligent, in order to adapt to the rapid expansion of the food, pharmaceutical and other industries, to better market opportunities.

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