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Cookie Equipment Should Become More Practical

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-19

At present, people tend to new, fast, fresh things and pastries are getting more and more popular, especially the cookies. The cookie is changing the pattern of the push into a new. Therefore, the need for a cookie equipment is in constant expansion, as one of the classic comparison of cookies pastry, it’s cookie equipment need is infinite.

cookie making machine

We are in a deepening reform and opening up, science and technology, rapid economic and social development of the environment. Study on the traditional cakes and cookies, both at home and abroad have attached great importance to the United States, Canada, Australia, France and Japan to China's wheat food experts have repeatedly discussed the cookie processing skills, with the intention of mixed flour and cookies to grasp the different quality wheat varieties pre production link. About the traditional staple food industrialization, national leaders special instructions, the former Ministry of light industry, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of domestic trade, China's grain and oil industry and society frequently held pasta staple kitchen project conference, seminars and promotion of new skills. Specific situation, situation and needs, development, innovation and promote the resolution of food fermentation surface scale and industrialization.

Cookies already as a product, before the size of the supermarket shelves. In the past 10 years, the research and development of chip engineering equipment has made great progress. Some companies to increase investment efforts, the development of engineering equipment is not the same as the standard cookie, the economic and social benefits.

Now the market is small cookie equipment commonly used cookies biscuit cutting machine. The hopper and cookie fabric into cookies biscuit cutting machine, the cookie dough forming roller feeding injection tray, the whole process is controlled by computer, forming the cookie size uniform, can be matched with the rotary furnace or tunnel type baking equipment.

Pastry equipment market has also spawned improvement and update all kinds of diversity of pastry equipment, because of more varieties, the quality of the equipment as well as the cake there is a big gap, so in the pastry processing process in order to safety to choose mechanical equipment guarantee.

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