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Welcome to order the Biscuit Tunnel Oven in China

Publish sherry On 2016-12-20

In western countries, It almost every family has an oven, Home oven can be used to process some pasta. Such as bread, pizza, also can do Egg Tart snacks and cookies, and there are some ovens to roast chicken. So, you may be familiar with the oven, but how about industrial ovens? Now we will Introduce an High Efficiency Biscuit Tunnel Oven for you.

Tunnel oven is for large continuous baking, suitable for mass production. For some food products factory with production lines, they produce a few type of products with big quantity for each one,tunnel oven will make it more efficient, costs are substantially reduced, the quality of baked products are more stable,  transmission speed can be adjusted according to different products.This Biscuit Tunnel Oven suitable for baking food such as mooncake, bread, cake, toast and biscuit, etc.
Before using the tunnel oven, it requires you know the baking temperature and baking time.
Biscuit Tunnel Oven 
Generally any baked products are have standards, such as hamburgers, the baking temperature is about 180 ° C, baking time is between 12-15 minutes, baking finished color is golden brown. When baking by tunnel oven, the first step is to adjust transmission speed, so that the transmission speed is match the products' requirements. (For example, from the inlet of the oven to the outlet is15 m, product baking time is 15 minutes, then the transmission speed should be adjusted to per minute move a meter), then adjust the baking temperature to preheat, when the temperature reached the setting value, the workers can put baking trays (food products) to the inlet of the tunnel oven, and take out the products at the outlet. Customers can set the time and temperature according to their own product standards.
Special note: the tunnel oven can be cutomized according to the requirements of the customer's needs, customers are welcome to choose the length of the tunnel oven, electric or gas type can be selected, the control system have economic and luxury type.
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