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Mechanical equipment innovation research and development or will become the will of the baking industry

Publish Tina On 2016-12-14

According to industry figures, at present, our country's baked goods, second-tier cities gradually from one to three, four cities and rural market penetration. Baked goods such as bread, biscuit gradually become one of the breakfast staple of residents in our country. And consumer groups are expanding and will achieve universal coverage from children to the elderly. Therefore, from the facts can clearly know the baked food industry in our country will accelerate the growth in the future.

Baking market development prospect, also led directly to the market competition is intense. Now, in addition to some common baking brands on the market, large and small small cake, cake shop also is in a state of blossoming. But, in addition to the individual famous bakery enterprises, leading bakery brand is rare. So, want to have a stable consumer groups, the market share, price alone is not enough, also need to taste, to have breakthrough products, packaging, etc.

Only has a strong technical support, can we truly achieve breakthrough. Now our country is basically realize mechanization of baking. The more advanced technology and equipment, the easier the victory. This also means that the domestic baking market competition gradually from the "price war" vicious competition, into the product quality and product research and development as the core of orbital benign competition.

wafer biscuit oven

Since the baking market development prospect is good, the industry competition has also tend to give priority to with product quality and product research and development of benign competition, so, the innovation of the mechanical equipment research and development will become the top priority task.

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