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Hot sale biscuit packaging machine

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-23

With the expansion of leisure food types, the biscuit market in China has developed at a fast speed. The statistics shows that the annual increase rate of domestic biscuit market from 2009-2013 has reached 24.5%, and increase rate from 2014-2018 is expected to reach 16.4%. Among them, the retail volume of market biscuit in China was 8.096 billion dollars in 2013, and became the third largest biscuit market in the world.
Because of the large population, the potential market demand of biscuits is also large. However, the actual consumption is lower than international average consumption level. In recent years, with the constant improvement of people’s life quality, the consumption concept and consciousness have changed to a great extent, and the demand of biscuits also begins to increase. Although the potential of China biscuit market is brilliant, there are some problems that have not been solved. In addition, the packaging of biscuit is one of these problems.
Innovation is the eternal topic. As for biscuit enterprises, safe, nutritious, delicious, and functional are the main direction. What is functional? It is concerned with the packaging.
Base on former experience and advanced principle, the biscuit packaging machine has been innovated and improved for many times. At present, the most advanced and widely used packaging machine is the pillow type packaging machine. 
biscuit packaging machine
Pillow type packaging machine is newly equipment, which is widely used in food industry, medical industry, daily necessaries, and chemical industry and auto spare parts. The multifunction is the main feature of this pillow type packaging machine.
In the information age, traditional packaging methods have been abandoned, and automatic packaging machine is stalled in all fields. As for enterprises, only with constant innovation can they make progress and win the market share among thousands of competitors. 

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