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The origin of the ice cream cone

Publish Tina On 2016-11-23

The expo site in st. Louis in 1904, Mr Ernest from Syria are selling a named Zalabia dessert in the Middle East, another Mr. Arnold in selling ice cream, he sold at ordinary cups and saucers dressed up at first, but by noon all run out of cups and saucers, when Arnold didn't know how to deal with the business in the afternoon, Ernest own pancake coil into cone to Arnold. Arnold will use this wafer volume of his own to sell ice cream, then Zalabia morphing into ice cream cone. Unexpectedly, the edible ice cream cone is very popular.
Today, in the homeland of the Ernest Damascus, Syria, people always believe that there is the hometown of delicious ice cream cone. A century of smooth ice cream and the crispy of the cone never separate.
Expo 1958 extension during the summer, soft ice cream from the United States got the favor of many tourists. Soft ice cream was preserved in cold storage conditions, is now selling fresh ice cream, many European tourists is the first time to taste the food cool in summer. A chocolate Belgium's most famous brand is specially designed for the world EXPO the product packaging, combined with the EXPO and 58 wording, etc. This is both appropriate and delicious chocolate, nature has also been the enthusiasm for expo visitors.
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ice cream cone production line

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