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High quality automatic Ice cream cone production line

Publish Tina On 2016-11-23

Ice cream as an popular snake are loved by almost all human for Its various color,shape,flavor,etc.But what will happen if ice cream without its cone? I just can’t imagine.
These ice cream cones, made with Hong Kong style egg waffles (sometimes referred to as eggettes or egg puffs), are inspired by the Puffle Waffle Cones served at Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana.
This ice cream cone production line is fully automatic to make ice cream wafer cone and wafer cup. can design the different baking machines to make different types of cones as cone required by clients.
The wafer ice cream cone mainly use for filling ice cream and cream.
The wafer production line includes: spare parts and tools for automatic electric waffle cup baking oven, beater, air compressor each one, and supplied with a set of accessories.
1.Automatic wafer baking oven equipped with Touch-screen and programmed by Siemens. PLC Software,this unit is of natural gas to generate the heat energy to make ice cream cone
2.The equipment is easy to operate which with automatic temperature control,lighting  to finish the baking process.  
3.From filling flour paste to get a ice cream cone just need 2mins,one time
4.Full automatic filling paste,baking,rolling and conveying-cooling-counting.
5.The same machine can make different products within round biscuit,sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices.
6.Different size,angle,thickness,depth ice cream cone can be customized.
7.Electric heating and gas heating can be choose.
Automatic making ice cream cones, save labor and cost.
Excellent performances have allowed International Standards to be comfortably met.
Stainless steel, easy operation, high efficiency.
Low noise, High Capacity with low Power.
Easy to operate, Easy for cleaning.
The GELGOOG company have many different molds for different size and shape cones, and you can replace the molds on the machine.
 you can choose different baking numbers of the machine according to your need.
ice cream cone production line

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