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The candy packaging machine should keep pace with the market

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-23

The packaging for candies has experienced hand packaging, semi-automatic packaging machine, and automatic packaging machine which is widely used nowadays. With the development of packaging machine, the traditional packaging method is eliminated by the market gradually.
At present, the packaging for candies includes: Knot-type packaging, pillow packaging, folding (envelope) type packaging. The knot-type packing is the most ancient packaging method, which is widely used in candies, while it can finish packaging by virtue of packaging machine with high speed and automation, but also can be completed by hands. Folding (envelope) type packaging is suitable for chocolate, as this packaging method put high requirements toward packaging equipment and packaging materials, so this packaging method is rarely used in food packaging industry. The pillow packaging has been popular since last century, which is widely used at present, as the pillow type packaging machine is common on the market, most packaging of candies and chocolate are adopting this packaging method.
packaging machine
This pillow type packaging machine is suitable for packaging candies in particular, and all control is realized though software, which is easy for function adjusting and technology upgrading. This pillow type packaging machine is also called automatic successive shrinkable packaging device, and it adopts the latest technology and operating principle, with the characteristics of stable performance and reasonable design. The shrinkable temperature and speed of motor driven can be adjusted. Original creation roller rotation device can work continuously.
There is the detailed technical parameter about this pillow type packaging machine:

Model GG-450
Film width Max.450mm
Bag length 120-280mm
Bag width 60-200mm
Bag height Max.60mm
Film diameter Max.320mm
Packing speed 40-230bags/min
Power supply 110v/60Hz/2.4KW
Machine size (L)4020×(w)720×(H)1320mm
Machine weight 900Kg
If other information about the pillow type packaging machine is needed, please contact us with no hesitation.
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