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Egg tarts nutritional value is very high

Publish Tina On 2016-11-17

 Egg tarts nutritional value is very high, an egg tart is equivalent to eat a bowl of rice.
 Was crisp and soft, easy to two, three is a Portuguese egg tarts, each an average of about 300 calorie, and ordinary heat a bowl of rice is 280 calories, so you eat a Portuguese egg tart is more than the quantity of heat of a bowl of rice, if you are about 60 kg, the70sduring five minutes to eat three egg tarts, is jogging for an hour to burn the calories.
The egg tart shell making machine can be used to process the egg tart skin with good quality and large capacity. This machine can make egg tart skins of various sizes by changing the models. It is widely used to make Portuguese type egg tart, Beijing type egg tart, Cantonese type egg tart and other type egg tarts.
The egg tart shell making machine suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, organs, bakery is used, it can produce the Portuguese egg tart, table eggs With crisp skin Cantonese towers of leather and all kinds of fancy egg tart.
There are three kinds of speed. More than 8 cm egg tarts cup production 28 in a minute. 7 cm egg tarts cup the following production 36 in a minute. If specializing Cantonese production 45 minute egg tarts.
Small and flexible. It covers little space and is very convenient.
Made of high quality stainless steel, clean and healthful.
Adopted PLC performance control, and easy to operate, fulfill the requirements of process safety.
Quick and easy replacement of the molds, suitable for various designed productions.
 Low energy consumption and noise, long service life.
The egg tart shell making machine from GELGOOG imported mitsubishi PLC control, pressure forming, turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell, hot stamping die, matched with different molds, but molding Cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc.
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