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The introduce of the ice Cream Cone Machine

Publish Tina On 2016-12-05

 For ice cream, people are very familiar with it, because in the summer, almost everyone will eat it, ice cream is cool them down in the summer . But do you know the source of the ice cream?
 Ice cream was first invented by the Chinese.  hundreds of years ago, the Chinese people will know that the frozen river in winter, cut into pieces, and stored in the cellar, stay out in the summer, after mixing with mashed fruit to eat. Yuan dynasty began to produce ice cream, for the sake of confidentiality of the craft, back Kublai Khan has issued a decree in addition to the royal family is forbidden to manufacture ice cream. Until the 13th century, Marco Polo left China to the method of making ice cream to Italy, and then spread to France and the UK.
 For the ice cream has a structure can not be ignored- ice cream cone.
 This ice cream cone machine is divided into the upper die and lower die, when using through the temperature control knob, the temperature first tune up, the temperature rose up after the upper die to pull up and lower mold together and pour into pastes, and then on the molding under the mold close, the ice cream cone maker machine was about one or two minutes later, the cone can shape, the upper die to pull up under the mold opened, and the cone will automatically fall into the following and slide channel. This machine is the corollary equipment of ice cream making machine, use for manufacture the container for ice cream.
The surface of the ice cream cone machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful facade, healthy, and easy to remove. And the temperature is controlled by microcomputer, so you can set temperature according to your needs, and the temperature can be showed automatically. Being equipped with mixing system inside, this accelerates the cold cycling, so the machine has quick refrigeration speed. Modulating various kinds of tastes according to customers' needs. Molds could be changed.

ice cream cone machine
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