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The Latest Rice Krispies Treat Making Machine

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-08

Rice Krispies Treat is a famous Han snack, sweet and delicious, with rice flower fragrance. In Chongqing Jiangjin and Sichuan Leshan,the Rice Krispies Treat is most famous candy. Rice Krispies Treat is mainly made of glutinous rice and sugar. First after the metric process is that it is glutinous rice steamed, dried into rice shaped, then every 5 kilograms of glutinous rice 200 grams of caramel into the water, in the pot roast, when water is dry, then sand fried, then 1 grains of rice rose to 4 grain of rice (with lard or fry the same the effect, in order to save oil, commonly used sand, then fry), white sugar and maltose syrup made of saccharin, the rice into the syrup, add a little peanut in the pot, mix well, pour in the case box, made a box, with a knife and cut into small pieces, namely into products.

 Rice Krispies Treat Making Machine

Rice Krispies Treat Machine is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of puffed rice honey,that is usually baked or fried or puffed until crisp.

This Rice Krispies Treat making machines use for making many kind of cereal bar such as rice krispies treats,puffed corn bar,puffed oats bar,puffed wheat bar and puffed millet bar.

This production line include cereal puffing machine,sugar pot,mixing machine, molding machine and packing machine.

Rice Krispies Treat Making Machine’s Features
1.Customer can buy extra mold to make different shape cereal bar,such as cube shape, round shape and ball shape.
2.Uses the advanced frequency conversion speeder to carry on the electrical machinery velocity modulation, the ease of operation,the rotational speed may move,safe and accurate.
3.After molding,the finished product can be removed easily.
4This technology is proved to have the advantages of good treatment result, high automation level, easy to ope rate, and less occupied area.

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