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Automatic Sesame Candy Making Machine For Sale

Publish Lisa On 2016-11-08

Sesame candy may also called sesame crunchy candy.It is a stick or ball shaped food made of sesame and sugar or honey. It is very popular in Asia such as India,Iran, Pakistan,Israel and so on.The texture may vary from chewy to crisp,it may also be called sesame candy/bar/crunch. Sesame seed cake may refer to the confection or to a leavened cake or cookie incorporating sesame.
In many countries,different countries treat sesame candy is not the same, especially in the central part of Asia, the South and the East.Here please allow me to share how to make sesame candy for you.The simple way to make the candy is using machine,sesame candy machine will tell you how to do.

sesame cutting machine

1.Adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed, can provide you different products to meet your needs.
2.This machine will be stirring, leveling, cutting the three processes together, without the connection between people, to achieve a real automation and intelligent operation.Improve the production efficiency, save the labor cost.
3. Has a lot of reforming flat structure, suppression smooth, uniform thickness. Automatic control cutting speed, automatic feeding, horizontal, vertical automatic feeding and cutting food, square size can be customized.
4. PLC intelligent computer controlled,convenient and efficient,easy to operate.
5.This machine can work continuous,continuous slitting and cutting,improve the production efficiency.
6. High speed head of slitting can adjust length freedom,have no length and short bars and incline phenomenon.
7. Surface pressed light,adjust the thickness and thin convenience.
8. The quality of the whole machines material is very good,the design is reasonable.

The machine is for automatic forming and cutting, for the peanut bars, cereal bars and so on.The whole features of the machine is here(maybe not),if you have some questions,you can contact with us.

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