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Fully automatic wafer baking machine

Publish Tina On 2016-12-05

  Many people like eat wafer biscuit, not only children like it, but also many adults also like it , sometime, it can eat as a breakfast, wafer biscuit production in general is to wash, soak glutinous rice, dry, and fully dissolved sodium bicarbonate, Ammonium bicarbonate, such as mixture, according to certain author for glutinous rice dough, cast mold folder, baked into bread slices. The solidification of continuous stirring, edible oils and fats to be bored with slide is good, add white sugar powder mix, besmear on bread slices, to stick full, finally saw into small pieces of various specifications, to become a finished product. Wafer cake bright color, level clear, sweet taste pure beauty, taste of Bulky and tender , long shelf life, contain a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, rich nutrition, high heat.
  How do you know the factory production wafer biscuit? You know in the processing wafer biscuit production, which is more important step?
  Factory production wafer biscuit need wafer biscuit with tunnel baking furnace, splicing machine, cooling machine, general cake, cream coating machine, vertical freezers, conveyor and cutting machine.
   in the process of wafer biscuit production,the more important step is the wafer biscuit baking. Because the wafer cake oven is the foundation of the whole line,   without this step, there was no way to for the following. Wafer biscuit baking need use wafer backing machine.
  The commonly used is automatic wafer baking machine in factory.
  The wafer biscuit baking machine adopts double furnace chamber structure. Make internal furnace chamber heating effect is better, outside the furnace chamber of mechanical part longer service life
  The control part adopts Siemens Mitsubishi or color touch screen. Can display and set the cookie sheet of running speed, the temperature of baking sheet, the mechanical part, the plasma volume, ignition control, etc
  The fuel gas system components adopt brand products at home and abroad
  Baking plate adopts the gray cast iron. Long service life, the best effect of heat energy, wafer cake uniform coloring built-in biscuit waste cleaning device.

wafer biscuit baking machine
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