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Pizza Cone Making Machine has been sold to Korea

Publish admin On 2016-10-13

Machine:Pizza Cone Making Machine
Korea customer send a inquiry to the sales manager of the company on July,when got this email,the sales send the quatation back to the customer,After servel times’ contact,GG40A’s details and opreation notice were very clearly showed to customer,last week customer ordered this pizza cone making machine.Here is the machine’s picture of the packaging and deliverd.

customer inquiry

pizza cone making machine
Advantages :
1.       The conical pizza contains enough vegetables and carbohydrates, vitamins and cellulose, which is helpful for your health.
2.       The appearance is novel and with lovely fragrance, and it is popular with people all over the world.
3.       Customers can eat the conical pizza without any tableware, how convenient it is!
4.       There are no limitations of seasons, times, places, and ages, with huge number of consumers.

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