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Wafer Cone or Wafer Bowl?

Publish Tina On 2016-12-14

When you visit your local ice cream shop, are you more of a cup person (a paper bowl) or a cone of it? Or do you have a bowl of pie?
ice cream cone machine
The sugar and waffle cones are a dense, brittle, crunchy cone. They’re almost alwayshigh pointed end, although some ice cream shops offer waffle bowls (technically not a “cone”), sometimes dipped in chocolate and other sweets.The wafer cones, on the other hand, is quite different. hese are light, airy, flat bottom, you may remember from your childhood. When you want to take a break, put your car on a table or on a leather car seat. The most soft service ice cream is in a crystal cone. These are also the types of cones, and you are most likely to see the boxes in the grocery store.

Under the help of full automatic cone machine,you can easily to make all kinds of delicious cones.The whole automatic crystal cone machine has two chips. It can make the cone within145mm long, does not include the angle, weight, thickness, crisp shape and depth of the bowl.We can design and make other models and specifications according to the different requirements of the customers.The same machine can make different products in round biscuits, sugar roll cone, egg roll with changing different molding equipment.
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