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How to Select wafer biscuits?

Publish admin On 2015-12-14

How to Select wafer biscuits?
• Wafer biscuits are available under various brands, flavors and pack sizes. Buy according to your requirement. 
• Confirm the manufacturing as well as expiry dates stamped on the pack. 
• Check the pack to ensure it is properly sealed, so that the biscuits remain crisp. 
• If available in cardboard or plastic boxes, go for that as the wafers are more likely to be intact than in simple plastic wrappers. 
Culinary Uses
• It tastes great as it is, and works as a superb accompaniment for coffee, milk shakes or juices.
• It can be used as a garnish for various ice creams, puddings and other desserts. 
How to Store
• Once opened, store in an airtight container at room temperature. Although they stay fine for 2-3 weeks, consume as early as possible as they tend to become limp soon. 
• Avoid air or moisture exposure as it might lose its crispiness and could become sticky too.
Health Benefits
• Rich in carbohydrates, cream wafer biscuits are an instant pick-me-up food.
• If eaten in excess, kids can suffer tooth decay. 
• People who have high blood sugar levels as well as people who are obese must avoid these, due to the cream and sugar content.
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