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Wafer Cone Making Line to Nigeria

Publish admin On 2015-12-24

The Nigeria customer want  to start his  own business about ice cream , this line can produce perfect cream wafer cones in different shapes and sizes. He also order a set of moulds for flower cup shape cones. At first he think the price is a little high but when he saw our end product and the video of our machine, he  placed the order. But want to make sure the safe of  his order,he just agree to pay 50% as  down payment. He will pay the rest when the machine arrives. It is also accept foe us,we will try our best to provide the best service and products. 

The wafer production line includes: spare parts and tools for automatic electric waffle cup baking oven, beater, air compressor each one, and supplied with a set of accessories.The machine is fully automatic to make ice cream cone wafer with high quality.We can design the different baking machines to make different types of cones as required by clients. If you also need this do contact us.

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