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Secret Recipe for Peanut Candy

Publish admin On 2015-10-31

Secret Recipe for Peanut Candy
Do you want to make brittle candy in home by your own hand?Do you wanna know the secret recipe for peanut brittle ?Here you will get it.

2 lbs of peanuts – Raw/unroasted work best but any will do. I strongly suggest unsalted. And no shells!
2 cups of light corn syrup – Karo is the name brand here, though off-brand works fine too. Corn syrup is not evil; it keeps the sugar playing nicely while heating!
3 cups of white granulated sugar
2 cups of water – This is used to dissolve the sugar and disappears while cooking
1 stick (8 tablespoons) of butter – I use regular salted butter, though I imagine margarine or unsalted butter works too.
3 teaspoons of baking soda – I recommend buying a fresh box to make sure it really works well! This is The Secret Ingredient that Alton Brown totally missed!
2 teaspoons of vanilla – I use “pure vanilla extract” but I guess imitation would work too.
2 teaspoons of water – Again, this suspends the baking soda and disappears instantly when you add it.
One large non-stick saucepan
One long-handled wooden spoon – Do not use a plastic spoon unless you like strands of melted plastic in your candy!
One candy thermometer – I prefer the dial type, since the bulb type doesn’t stand up to vigorous stirring.
Two one-cup measuring cups, one with a half-cup mark – How much cups could one cup cup if one cup could cup cups? One works, but two is better!
Two one-teaspoon measuring spoons – I suppose one would do, but two makes it easier!
Two baking pans or cookie sheets
One small bowl
One teaspoon – or you can use one of the measuring spoons
One hot stove!

Do make sure that you have them all, then you can start to make your own peanut candy. Good luck!
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