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The future of biscuit Machinery

Publish Serena On 2015-10-27

The future of biscuit Machinery
With the development of economy and technology, the volumn production of biscuits has become possible and with lower cost. More and more people jump into this line,so how about the future of biscuits machinery?

The Biscuit industry from available data shows growth at a compound annual growth rate of 2% between 2004 and 2009 and about 10% in 2012. The plain cookies segment led the cookies (sweet biscuits) market in Nigeria, with a share of 96%. Research findings also indicates a gap of 50% supply of local biscuit not met by local producers which is met by smuggling since there are outright ban in importation
The market potential is high and with an increase in the birth rate and much younger generation one can expect at least 20% growth rate in 2014.
The competitive landscape of the biscuit manufacturing sector is interesting and exciting. Biscuits remained dominated by local players in Nigeria and the growth prospects are bright. More and More plants are entering the mark.
Presently, sixteen biscuit manufacturers are operating in the country and the total biscuit consumption is estimated between 450,000 to 500,000 metric tons annually. These Plants have indicated plans to increase their capacity within the next 3 years.
The market potential is phenomenon and a small standard and Compact plant of this size affords manageability and profitability. It is important that The Plant must produce Niche biscuits. The market will continue to grow yearly as the population increases and the Standard of living Increases.
Biscuits will never cease to be a favorite of both the young and the old especially, school children whose parents on the average spend between N10 and N100 daily on the products per child. School time is biscuit time and lunch time snacks.’

Biscuit machinery still a hot in the recent years, so why not establish your business plant?
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