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Me and Biscuits

Publish admin On 2015-10-26

Me and biscuits

I make good biscuits. Are they the best biscuits? I have no idea. But I enjoy them and when others are around they seem to rapidly disappear. For instance, one time when I had people over for breakfast, I made a batch and left them out on a plate while I busied myself with other things. When I returned, a friend had eaten them all! I asked him why he didn’t save any for the rest of us, and he said they were just so tasty he couldn’t stop. Fortunately, they don’t take long to make, so I quickly whipped up more so my other guests could eat some, too.
My recipe is pretty standard and simple, and is open to variation depending on what you want to do with your biscuits. I suppose they’d be more Texan if I used lard and a sourdough starter, but I instead use butter along with buttermilk or cream. Nevertheless, these biscuits are soft and fluffy with a moist, rich crumb. I like to eat them hot out of the oven with butter and honey, but they are just as delicious with gravy or jam or even on their own. And they rise and flake nicely, which I attribute to my beating them a bit.
For a bit of background, beaten biscuits are what people made in the days before baking soda and baking powder was around. In order to get the biscuits to rise, cooks would beat the dough with a mallet, rolling pin or even an axe for over half an hour until it blistered. This injection of air into the dough caused them to lift a bit, but beaten biscuits are still pretty flat, crispy and dense. And while I don’t usually have the time to make beaten biscuits (even though it’s an excellent upper-body workout), I like to think beating my dough a little can’t hurt.
I’ve never thought making homemade biscuits was anything special, but I’m often surprised at how many people are intimidated by the process. Trust me, it’s easy. And once you have fresh biscuits that you’ve made with your own hands, you’ll never eat canned biscuits again. Plus you’ll make your friends and family very happy.
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