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Automatic Peanut Drying and Roasting Machine Details

Publish admin On 2017-01-20

This peanut roasting machine mainly used for small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs, chestnut brand franchise stores, fruit supermarkets, farms, markets, stations, mobile dens intensive places shop speculation is selling, chestnut stores, roasted seeds and nuts store. Fried beans, fried peanuts, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried walnuts, fried sesame seeds, fried sesame seeds, fried seeds and nuts, , Fried beans, fried rice, fried hazelnut, fried pine nuts, fried pistachios and other dried fruit food.

The peanuts roaster machine adopts horizontal roller, 360 degree mixing and rolling, stir peanuts automatically. With the automatic pan function, simple, fast, easy to operate, the use of the roasting machine with our special recipe and technology presented fried food color and taste better, long-range aroma in the nose. In order to adapt to a variety of places to use, the market has developed a variety of sub-models for selection. During the roasting process, it can make roasted food up and down, left and right, before and after, all three-dimensional stir fry, no sticky small fried chestnut machine phenomenon, final roasted products with birght color. Each time using this machine, just need to turn on the 
switch. The stone can be pick out after roasted work. Thus, final products is very clean and follow the national foods standard. 
peanut roasternuts roasting machine for sale

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