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Automated Process of Biscuit Packing Machines

Publish Lisa On 2017-02-03

The automated process of biscuit packaging machines provide the best method to solve the storage and sales problems, food packing makes the food healthier, longer shelf life, easy storage and sales.
biscuit packing machine
All parts of the food contact are made of high quality stainless steel,  increased hygiene. Biscuit packing machine is fully automatic equipment, bag length does not need to manually set, can automatically detect and set the length of the equipment. Digital screen, CNC control, convenient and flexible. The machine according to the customer's packaging requirements equipped with pneumatic device and production date code system. Has a fault self-diagnosis function, fault display clear, stop function positioning, security will be guaranteed. Save time and effort, the packing effect is good, large capacity.

Our company provides customers with free packaging samples, providing maintenance technology, welcome customers to visit our company. The machine has a wide range of applications, it can pack various solid regular objects and foods, such as ice cream, biscuits, bread, moon cake, candy, medicine, etc. And there are different models for you to choose.

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