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Ice cream cone machine meet the best develope opportunity

Publish Tina On 2017-01-12

The ice cream sweet taste and the taste of the cold captured a large number of young girls heart, is the summer heat Saint goods. It is understood that China has surpassed the United States as the world's largest ice cream market in 2014, China's total sales of ice cream reached 11.4 billion US dollars, and this data will exceed 12.54 billion US dollars in 2015, almost equivalent to the global total sales of 1/4. Broad market prospects, the ice cream cone machine will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development.

Although ice cream sounds very western style, but it comes from China. As early as the yuan dynasty, a smart grocery merchants a whim. He tried to add some honey and milk in ice and pearl powder, produced the world's oldest ice cream. The 13th century, the famous explorer Marco Polo returned to Italy, back to the Chinese method of ice cream, and then gradually spread to France, Britain, the United States.

From the perspective of the market sales of ice cream, our country has overtaken America as the world's largest ice cream consumer. But from the perspective of per capita, in fact, America is still more than four times that of China's per capita. Thus, Chinese ice cream market there is still a vast space.

The change of ice cream market in China, and guide related towards high-end machinery manufacturers. Produce higher quality, stronger technical ice cream machine, ice cream cone machine, to meet the market demand of the upper middle class. As people living standard rise, upper-middle-class population will be more and more, the market will be further expanded.

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