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Diversified Development of Biscuit Production Line

Publish Lisa On 2017-01-12

Biscuits are common in people's daily life of leisure food, its form and taste is rich. In recent years, the development trend of snack foods to high-end market, biscuits are no exception. Food companies to take the high-end route, it is important that raw materials and production lines can be synchronized high end. Among them, the best performance of the biscuit production line is the most critical.
biscuit production line
The development strategy of the enterprise must put forward higher and more requirements for the biscuit production equipment. It is understood that the general production process of biscuits: pretreatment of raw materials---dough modulation---dough rolling--- forming---baking---cooling---packaging and other basic links. All aspects reflected the production process level and the importance of technology by the biscuit production line.

After baking cookies mature, the advanced biscuit company in order to prevent cookies in finishing after cooling increase the breaking rate of biscuit defects, a new process of cooling after changing into a first finishing, this is a major improvement in economic efficiency. Technological development requirements for the production of biscuits machinery and equipment has also put forward new requirements. Biscuit industry has been on the road of rapid development of mechanization, production technology and equipment technology are constantly improving.

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