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Plastic Biscuit Packaging More Practical

Publish Lisa On 2017-01-17

Relevant data show that in China's food packaging materials, plastic applications have exceeded 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials. From rigid packaging to a lighter, more environmentally friendly flexible packaging, and food composite packaging film tends to be multi-functional, light and thin, green, environmental protection, safe packaging is very popular.

Modern food packaging not only provides physical protection for food and content, but also helps to extend the shelf life of food products, provide product information and display the brand image, more c
biscuit packing machineonvenient for consumers to use daily. Compared to other packaging materials and forms, such as glass, metal and hard plastic packaging, soft plastic packaging more environmentally friendly, saving raw materials and transportation costs, so as to better meet the needs of the modern packaging industry.

In other word, the plastic packaging machine also named the 
Automatic biscuit packing machine
 adopts imported touch screen, all settings and operation can be completed. At the same time, the product data can be stored in advance. The constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system suitable for PE. POF, etc industrial standard shrink film, which has the advantages of firmness and beauty. The utility model is especially suitable for the plastic film, and the products with different sizes of conveying and packaging are adjusted. More reliable, easier to operate.

Sophisticated design allows food packaging to play the effect of placement of advertising, to provide information to customers, and play the most important role in food protection. The utility model can provide ideal packaging effects for various applications, such as the packaging of instant noodles, potato chips, biscuits and chocolate.

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