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Safety Level of Food Equipment

Publish Lisa On 2017-01-12

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Recently, at the fourteenth meeting of the central financial work leading group, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on strengthening food safety supervision, emphasizes the strictness, rigorous standards, strict supervision, severely punished, serious accountability, Party committees and governments at all levels should be caught as a major political task. To adhere to the source to prevent, the process strict control, and strictly control the risk, improve food and drug safety supervision system, strengthen the unity and authority of the system. To meet the general needs of departure, improve the quality of food and beverage industry. 

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Countries have begun to attach importance to food safety issues, we have no reason not to pay attention to it? Stainless steel is the shorter form of acid resistant stainless steel, the resistance of air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium or with stainless steel known as stainless steel. Corrosion resistance of stainless steel is an important feature that we all know. GELGOOG Machinery company is a professional manufacturer of food machinery manufacturers, we have a strong R & D team, first-class manufacturing technology, all machinery is made to comply with the safety grade of stainless steel, according to the different level of food safety in some areas, we also provide different security levels of stainless steel, to meet your needs.

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