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Application of Food Packaging Machine

Publish sherry On 2016-12-24

Food packaging is a new "interactive experience" packaging, the packaging taking into account the user's touch, taste, function and intelligence of the characteristics of both, packaging will become part of the product, or the product itself. The packaging processing technology uses its packaging and product directly linked to the classification of signs and applications, and ultimately get packaging design strong visual sensitivity, resulting in considerable benefits. Below Dalian packaging to introduce the packaging function in the field of food packaging.
food packing 
1. sensory packaging
Sensory packaging will give consumers an intuitive feel about packaging products. Mainly to establish an external general feeling, such as smell, texture and visual effects. For example: some sense of smell to extract internal packaging products to attract customers, such as bread, meat, chocolate or fruit smell, the smell is extracted by fusion in adhesives or coatings, so that the whole package is full of attractive taste. Through this method can establish a link between products and consumers. Sensory packaging is very user-friendly to maintain product integrity.
2. Functional packaging
Functional packaging is a method to solve packaging problems related to content. With liquid packaging box anti-corrosion, the application of such packaging can make the product can remain fresh decay longer time. Eliminate the defects of the product itself and the shortcomings of the design of the packaging box, such packaging accessories can also extend the storage period of the product, keep the product fresh taste. Functional packaging can effectively avoid interference of content, play a good protective role.
3. Intelligent packaging
Intelligent packaging is mainly used to detect packaging structure or material deviation areas. For example, check the density of packaging cardboard material, determine whether the carton produced enough stiffness to meet the needs of the product, such as to ensure that juice or milk will not leak out. Laser detection technology can be used to determine the parameters of food packaging design, such as the microstructure of packaging printing ink. Intelligent packaging can contain a large amount of product information inside the package, which combines the markup and monitoring system to form an extended tracking system to check product data. Smart packaging through internal sensors or advanced bar code and trademark information system, and use sensory packaging and functional packaging principles to track monitoring products.
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