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Wafer Biscuit Improves the Production Requirements

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-24

Wafer biscuits also known as waffles, weaver cake. Use the fresh, pure, more branched starch, viscous large of sticky rice as main material; the used oil by alkali refining, bleaching, deodorization, hydrogenated become slippery, no smell and pure white; white sugar is grinded into fine powder; high additive purity.
wafer biscuits

With the progress of social footsteps, people on the production of wafer requirements also improved, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional handcraft, the new variety of the waffles won their attention. Wafer production line in order to adapt to social development, research and manufacturing the new type multifunctional wafer production line, can make the wafer according to the different requirements of customers.

The world of baking and confectionery products requires innovation in shape and taste. The production process of this machine can help you turn your ideas into reality and you can attract customers with new products.

Wafer biscuits production consists of a rod and a flat oven wafer wafer production line, including the mixer. When you making, you can choose to use a manual or automatic baking equipment clamp, to test wafer and plate shaped wafer products.

Wafer biscuits production line provide you a various of wafers to satisfy your taste buds.
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