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Biscuit diversified and high-end development technology upgrade is necessary

Publish Tina On 2016-12-19

Biscuit are commonplace in people daily life of leisure food, its shape and texture and rich. in recent years, the trend of the development of the leisure food to the high-end market, biscuit are no exception.

At present, China's biscuit market is diversified consumer demand, consumer groups younger, functional product characteristics, high-end industry development, market competition is intense, and other development trend. domestic biscuit market mainly by foreign investment enterprises and Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially in the high-end market, almost can't see the figure of domestic private enterprises. Whether cookies domestic enterprises seeking diversity or the biscuits with the Chinese market, is in order to adapt to Chinese biscuits industry development and changes in consumer demand. With biscuit industry market growth, industry competition, domestic biscuit company performance and profit growth there is power shortage, in order to open up new profit growth point, conform to the trend of diversification of consumer demand, the domestic enterprises began to toward diversified development. With the improvement of consumer income level, consumer demand is also gradually towards the high-end, high-end biscuit market development potential is large, so the biscuit accelerating market occupation of China's high-end cookies.

Biscuit industry has gone on mechanization of high-speed development, technology is constantly improving production technology and equipment, will not be able to go with the flow, step-by-step enterprise in the face of increasingly fierce market competition. Whether foreign or domestic companies to go the way of diversified companies preempt the high-end biscuit market in our country, suggested the biscuit industry still has potential growth space, to change development route for more "turf".

However, the same as other products, materials, workmanship and design, cookies also see raw materials, production and form. The biscuit production process in the continuous improvement to meet consumer demand. At the same time, the production equipment also needs according to the technology is improved. Both progress to satisfy diversified biscuit industry in China, the development trend of high-end.

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