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Caramel Treats Making Machine Factory

Publish Lisa On 2018-06-25

Caramel treats is a famous palace dessert in Qing and Ming Dynasty, it is made by the minority nationalities in China. Sweet and soft taste, golden color, sweet but not greasy, rich nutrition.The dessert is one of the Four Seasons Cake in Beijing.
Currently, caramel treats on the market in peacetime times and holidays was selling very hot, the reason is that they can as gifts send somebody, after the package is not only beautiful and elegant with a higher grade, and the practical value is particularly high, as a result, caramel treats is a very popular food in the market. And we change the past process method, use the mechanized production.
The caramel treats company is a development, production and sales of professional caramel treats manufacturers, to provide the most advanced automatic production equipment, provide free production technology, and we can guide installation.
At present, many domestic and foreign manufacturers use the company's process formula. Our company not only has a rich, advanced production technology, and has many years of production experience of caramel treats, can deal with the various problems encountered effectively in the production process of caramel treats, more effectively reduce the production cost of caramel treats. The caramel treats processed by caramel treats making machine has the characteristics of crisp rosin, golden color, neat cut shape, sweet but not greasy, pure fragrance, loose entrance and so on. It is suitable for large batch production, but also suitable for the production of small workshops, wholesale and retail sales.
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