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Which machine do you know make wafer biscuit?

Publish Tina On 2016-12-05

Wafer cake, also known as waffles, d's cake. With fresh, pure, many branched chain starch and high viscosity of glutinous rice as the main ingredient; Used oil, by alkali refining, flavor, decoloring, hydrogenated greasy after sliding, no odor, white; Sugar mill into fine powder; Additive to high purity.
Which machine do you know make wafer biscuit?
1, wafer biscuit oven
Oven is good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, equipped with grouting system, gas heating system, gas leakage alarm system, template transmission and connection device. Burner with high energy-saving combustion technology, greatly improve the utilization rate of combustion. Double baking room insulation structure, make the pan in the upper and lower heating is more efficient in the hearth, furnace temperature uniformity.
The oven adopts double furnace chamber structure. Make internal furnace chamber heating effect is better, outside the furnace chamber of mechanical part longer service life.
The control part adopts Siemens mitsubishi or color touch screen. Can display and set the cookie sheet of running speed, the temperature of baking sheet, the mechanical part, the plasma volume, ignition control, etc.
Gas system components adopt brand products at home and abroad, the engine bearings SKF, Germany should be used in high temperature bearings, motor, reducer using the German the SEW machine.
Baking plate adopts the gray cast iron. Long service life, the best effect of heat energy, wafer cake uniform coloring built-in biscuit waste cleaning device.
2, cream spreading machine
Used for wafer cake cream daub and laminated, the equipment is suitable for a variety of materials, (such as cream, chocolate, cheese sauce). Cream roll in the cake surface evenly daub cream, cream thickness is adjustable, cream designed a heating device, keep the temperature of the cream. (you can choose 2-3 butter head.)
3, wafer cutting machine
Wafer cutting machine adopts PLC program control automation, and into the piece (cutting) before the conveyor systems. Easy to change of cutting tool and cutting layer optional. Cutting channel using organic glass shield, necessary to open the door to stop safety protection.

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