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Baking machinery automation ensure the safety of food

Publish Tina On 2016-12-22

In China, baking machine has an important role in the food processing industry, and in the past few years to get fast development. Biscuits, bread baking and pastry processing present a diversified development trend. Among them, the biscuit production market is relatively mature and perfect, with advanced modern processing technology, and bread baking business in batch production and handmade combination as the main characteristics.

before, bread is manually typed, small workshops production, lots of people, easy to appear hair loss, dust, and so on and so forth lead to secondary pollution. Now basic baking industry is industrialized, personnel is reduced, and the equipment meet the standard, the rise in the problem of food is reduced.

As a food machinery manufacturers, not only to grasp the good quality, also should correctly guide equipment users, how to correct mechanical operation, how to effectively avoid unsafe factors, each link is a heavy test, everyone more responsibility, food safety problem is no longer a unable to attack the problem.

In recent years, domestic baking machinery market in got great development, the rising space outspread. Baking machinery enterprises also increased year by year, the number of baking machinery product category is also advancing with The Times of change. Although the overall level of baking machinery industry this year have greatly improve.

Because of all kinds of high and new technology application, so greatly promote the development of the national baking machinery industry, the continuous production for the batch production, by the specialized production for the generalized production, by large-scale production for the small and medium-sized production, by the quality control for the final product quality control and so on, implements the baking food processing and packaging process of continuous production, professional operation, automatic adjustment, whole course control and industrialization management, etc. the technological leapfrogging, mainly played an important role in the application of high and new technology, the effect is more and more significant.

automatic wafer biscuit production line

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