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The development of egg tarts

Publish Tina On 2016-12-19

In the early middle ages, the British have the milk, sugar, egg and different spices, making food like egg tart. is refers to the egg tart is the sixth in China in the 17th century man-han banquet dinner one of the dishes.

Even if the egg tarts are very popular with the people of Hong Kong, but history is very short in Hong Kong. according to the Hong Kong amateur historian waley, guangzhou in the 1920 s, each big department store competition is intense, in order to attract customers, department stores, cook every week design a "week beauty" woo, egg tarts  was  in guangzhou at this time.

Time of Hong Kong introduced egg tarts, no accurate date, some people say that since the 1940 s, Hong Kong cake shop have egg tarts, the 1950 s to the 1980 s into the most tea restaurant. The early tea restaurant egg tarts are relatively large, a tart can become a afternoon tea. and sweet and mellow flavor, soft and tasty. from the 1990 s, engaged in packet cake tea restaurant gradually decreased, so now only in the old tea restaurants have their own baked egg tarts, other tea restaurant is from bread workshop order egg tarts entertained the guests. Hong Kong, on the other hand, a lot of snack restaurant also includes small egg tarts. egg tarts for weight loss, emerged in the egg paste is made of proteins.

The egg tart making machine imported mitsubishi PLC control, pressure forming, turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell, hot stamping die, matched with different molds, but molding Cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc.

There have 28pcs/min,36pcs/min,48pcs/min three capacity,it demands the turntable’s turn speed,and it can not be changed after the machine was made.

egg tart making machine


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