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Who create the ice cream with cone?

Publish Tina On 2016-12-12

For over a century, Americans have been enjoying ice cream on a cone. Whether it's a waffle cone, a sugar cone or a wafer cone, what better way to enjoy a double scoop of your favorite flavor?
In 1904, in St. Louis Expo area, Mr. Ernest from Syria is selling a Middle East dessert named Zalabia, another Mr. Arnold in the side selling ice cream, initially he sold in the ordinary cup and plate dress, but to All the cups and plates at noon ran out, while Arnold did not know how to deal with the afternoon business, Ernest rolled his cones rolled cones handed Arnold. Arnold used this waffle to roll his ice cream, and Zalabia turned into an ice cream cone. Unexpectedly, this edible ice cream tube popular.
Today, in Ernest's hometown - Syria Damascus, people have always believed that there is a delicious ice cream cone home. For a century, smooth ice cream and crispy ice cream cone no longer separate.
1958 World Expo will coincide with the summer, soft ice cream from the United States has been the favor of many tourists. Soft ice cream is preserved in the cold conditions, is now selling fresh ice cream, a lot of European tourists is the first taste of this summer cool food. Belgium's most famous chocolate brand for that session of the Expo specifically designed the product packaging, with the EXPO and 58 words. This is both the occasion and delicious chocolate, naturally, by the enthusiasm of the Expo visitors sought after.

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