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Why Choose Chikki Making Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-12

Peanut candy is also named Chikki, it is an old traditional snack. Made of clean peanuts, sucrose, liquid glucose, (ie chemical caramel). Peanut sweet and crisp, inexpensive, is one of the food most consumers love. Our company is the professional manufacturer of peanut candy machine production, about the peanut candy machine, we have semi automatic and fully automatic, with different capacity. The chikki making machine is mainly suitable for the production of cereals, cereals, such as peanut, peanut, rice cake, nutritious grain bars, sachima, nuts crisp, egg tart crisp and other snack foods.
chikki making machine
Our company's new generation of peanut sugar complete sets of production equipment is equipped with variable frequency speed control, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, with the advantages of good shape cutting, adjustable length, large production capacity, is today's food manufacturers to produce peanut sugar, rice flower Ideal for sugar, sesame, Shachima, and more.

The peanut candy machine has many advantages:
1, the model is the combination of all the advantages and functions of the industry, while the application of peanut, rice candy, rice-stone, melon sugar and so on.
2, can produce different shapes and sizes of peanut sugar
3, mechanical kneading, does not damage the kernel particles, forming beautiful; direct molding, no rework waste and loss.
4. The whole machine is mechanically driven without air pump and the positioning is very precise; the upper and lower molds are closely matched and the molding effect is very good.
5, configuration of high-performance frequency converter, convenient speed, high efficiency; stable performance, 24 hours high-speed continuous production.
6, mold, hopper and other aspects have done anti-sticking treatment.
7. All parts of food contacted are non-toxic materials and are resistant to high temperatures.
8, self-cooled transmission links, according to the need to change the length, or install cooling fan, in order to improve the cooling effect.

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