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Ice Cream Cone Making Process

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-03

Ice cream is a very common food in our daily production, especially in hot season, almost one hand, so the ice cream cone played a very important role in this area, its appearance is beautiful, and it is also easy to handle. More and more people are starting to try this business. People who want to start ice cream cone business need to pay attention now. Here we are going to show you how to make ice cream cone by using ice cream cone making machine.

Here is a working video show you:

The ice cream cone machine operate process:
1. Do not tilt the machine flat on the table.
2. Turn on the machine, set the upper and lower die temperature, and wait for the temperature to rise.
3. After the temperature rises, pulls up the mold, the next mold merges.
4. Pour in your slurry (flour), close the upper and lower molds, about a minute after the cone.
5. Open the mold, the cone will automatically fall in the channel below and slide out.
6. Finally, repeat the process.
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