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How to Make Crispy Egg Roll?

Publish Lisa On 2018-09-06

Crispy Egg Roll Making Machine
Using this egg roll making machine can teach you how to make crispy egg roll easily. The crispy egg roll making machine uses the thickened stainless steel plate production, up and down for thickened cast iron template (overcomes the aluminum rolls the machine not to be resistant to the high temperature, is easy to damage the weakness), the import heating pipe installment, the heat-resistant degree is good, the maximum enhances the durability degree, the internal heating tube layout Install adjustable temperature control device, temperature range 170~175, in the production process of making crispy egg rolls, heating, cooling, control temperature more accurate, protect the product quality. Safe performance, high temperature, can guarantee the continuous production of products, the use of high efficiency, this crispy egg roll making machine is the current domestic market to produce high-quality egg rolls ideal equipment.

Machine making crispy egg rolls:
Machine Making Crispy Egg Rolls
Instructions: Production will be connected to the power supply, preheat for 15 minutes, dip a small amount of edible oil will be on the pressure template sassafras wipe clean, link slurry pump automatic injection paste, a week after the cycle can be removed, and also equipped with automatic reel machine, high efficiency!
Crispy egg roll making machine is the latest development of our factory, the use of steel plate mold Revolving cycle work method, with 15 sets of egg rolls mold, advanced electric tools, high efficiency, small footprint, less effective investment, easy to learn, food processing plants, individual stalls, laid-off workers are indispensable to re-employment of good helper. Can be made into cream rolls, chocolate omelet, all kinds of sandwich rolls, the whole machine consists of 15 sets of molds, circular operation, production efficiency greatly improved, practical production of egg cone formula! Here is a working video show you.
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