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Pizza Cone Forming Machine Suppliers

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-09

As a professional manufacturer of pizza cone machine, we have been studying pizza machine for the most convenient and practical egg tube equipment since its establishment. The GG-4 model pizza cone forming machine is a large production equipment. The body is made of high quality material, and the mold is made of material without mold. After forming, the pizza tube is easy to fall off. And this machine is through manual operation, there are a variety of models can be selected, not in line with your requirements, we can also customize according to your needs.
pizza cone forming machine
The whole stainless steel shell, combined with aluminum alloy mold, looks beautiful, sanitary and durable. The insulating material prevents the die from sticking to the barrel and adjusts the upper and lower die temperatures of the pizza barrel according to the different formulas. The quality of the machine is stable, safe and reliable.

The pizza cone machine is suitable for cake room equipment, bakery equipment, drinks shop equipment, leisure fast food equipment, Western restaurant equipment, restaurant equipment.

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