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How to Install Pizza Cone Maker Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-25

The pizza cone maker machine is new in style, reasonable in structure, easy to operate, made of stainless steel 304, strong and durable, and is a necessary product for the use of various food and drink points. The introduction of advanced technology and technology in Italy, the company's Pizza cone equipment more sophisticated.
pizza cone maker machine
The commercial pizza cone machine is a whole set of pizza cone production line, which mainly include a pizza cone molding machine and a rotary pizza cone oven. The pizza cone making machine is a machine specially designed for making pizza cones. It has edible pizza drum mold, and insulation material can prevent mould sticking to the egg tube, and ensure the beautiful shape of the sweet tube pizza. It can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower die of the barrel mould according to the different formula, the whole process can be operated automatically, and 4 egg canister can be produced at one time. At the same time, the automatic alarm device in the machine is provided, the quality is stable, and the safety of the customer is assured. A revolving pizza cone oven for baking pizza cone. The rotary oven can make the pizza cone warm even, and the taste is balanced.
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