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How Can I Install Tart Shell Making Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-23

Installation and adjustment of the tart machine
1) after the machine is placed in the designated position, the machine will be brake for a brake.
2) connection of power supply: ac three-phase four-wire 380V, 50Hz power supply, wire diameter 1.5mm-2, the equipment must be equipped with ground protection device.
3) the connection of the trachea: air compressor must be at least more than 1 HP), pressure to use in 6 kg before, trachea pipe diameter Ø 6 mm.
tart shell making machine
Our service if the egg tart machine:
1. On freight charges: the prices of the goods in this shop are not included in the freight charges and the installation fees, which are the factory prices. Different way for shipment and delivery location, general logistics and express freight price is not the same, to every place of the freight is different also, so this store again according to the shipping method and place of receipt of the buyer to confirm the freight price, to ensure that the final transaction price.
2. With regard to product pictures: the picture of this product is taken according to the actual machine, because the camera shooting and actual products inevitably have the color error, all in kind.
3. On receipt of goods: the goods, be sure to before delivery or shipping company staff open packet inspection. Goods is lost or damaged during the transport distance, do not have to sign for it shall be returned on the surface, or to claim for compensation from the shipping company. If not issue a certificate after receipt is put forward under the condition of loss of or damage to the goods, the loss caused by transportation need buyers to undertake!
4. On confirming receipt of goods: after receiving the goods, be sure to confirm receipt of the goods on the same day. After the delay of malicious delay, it is considered that the after-sale service will be abandoned and the manufacturer will ignore the quality issue.

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