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Sugar Cone Machine Components and Parts

Publish Lisa On 2017-11-30

Sugar cone machine accessories:
The 22.5 degree forming cone mold is used to produce 23 degree sweet ice cream cone shell, 12 pieces per machine and 1 sets of 12 pieces, which can produce 100-120mm long shell. Copper cone mold, used for the production of 23 degree sweet tube shell mold, can produce the length 100-125mm of the shell of the sweet tube. 12 pieces per unit and 1 sets for 12.
17.5 degrees ice cream cone mold, used for the production of 18 degree canister shell mold. 12 pieces for each unit and 1 for 12.
The mechanical hand is used to machine the cone face from the cutter bit to the forming mechanism.
ice cream sugar cone
sugar cone ice cream cone
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