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Manual Wafer Biscuit Making Machine Manufacturer

Publish Lisa On 2017-09-29

manual wafer biscuit making machine manufacturer

This manual wafer biscuit making machine is currently on the market more popular manual wafer machine. Its main function is quantitative automatic feeding, production speed, small size, easy operation, no noise. It has 9-15 baking panes. The machine has a convenient cleaning, beautiful appearance, practical health and other characteristics, is the ideal equipment for making wafer.

Machine features:
1, the machine uses high-quality components, thermostat stepless control. You can make it easier to adjust the temperature. This machine is made of stainless steel, both hygienic and easy to clean.
2. After baking, open automatically, do not need to open the lid by hand, save manpower and time, improve efficiency.
3, handsome in appearance, crisp taste, simple operation, which is a low-input and high-return equipment.
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