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Rolled Sugar Cone Making Machine Brief Introduction

Publish Lisa On 2017-09-15

There are four models of the ice cream cone machine, which are 25, 30, 36, and 40, respectively. The four models have different production capacity to meet the customers' demands. The rolled sugar cone machine is made of high quality material, and the baking plate and rolling head are fixed: 25 baking plates and 12 rolling head. It is not recommended to change the mold when making the cone of different sizes. The cone of the same Angle can be used. The capacity of the grouting needs to be adjusted to make different cones. The smallest size for our ice cream cone is 3.8 cm in diameter and 9 cm in length. If you want to make a smaller cone, we still have a machine for you to choose from.
rolled sugar cone machine made in china
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