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The Advantages of Cereal Bar Making Machine

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-13

The machine is mainly used for making sauce code, rice candy, egg crisp, corn crisp, melon seed candy, black rice crisp and so on. This machine can adjust the frequency and speed, lay the material levelly, cut the block once, and the specifications can be adjusted to meet your different product needs. The machine is equipped with multi-reforming flat structure, pressing flat, uniform thickness, automatic cutting, time-saving, labor-saving, economical and convenient. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, large production capacity, good block forming, length can be adjusted arbitrarily.
cereal bar making machine
Advantages of Cereal Bar Machine:
1. This machine made of food grade materials, make sure food is made more healthy and hygienic.
2. Don't need to adjust, one pace reach the designated position, time saving, high production yield.
3. Running stability, automatic flattening and cutting, the size of finished product is of uniform size and low breakage rate.
4. Forming good, not easy demoulding.
5. High output, change the traditional way of cutting.
6. Circuit is simple, no need maintenance directly.
7. It can produce square, round cake, round rods, round ball shape and  other food.

If you are interested with this cereal bar making machine, please contact with us, then we will make the quotation by your different requirement. 
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